From Italy with
Alberto Martinelli


Artlinea jewelry is a long time story of passion for gold, diamonds and gemstones since 1983. Over 30 years to elevate the company as one of the most important in the italian jewelry scenary, creating and delivering fashion jewelries in Italy and worldwide. Every jewel has been made in Arezzo, our headquarter in the heart of Tuscany, using the most advanced technologies, combining the awarded local craftsmanship in the jewels processing with the finest selection of diamonds and gemstones. A perfect marriage that allow us to create a design jewels and a unique experience for yourself directly from the artisan. Movement and lightness in our creation. Every jewel has its own characteristic designed for a woman who wish to highlight their personality and mark her style with a classy and stylish accessory. Pendants, collier, earrings, bracelets and rings, Artlinea embody the finest italian jewelry art to create a wide range of accessories designed to deliver charm and beauty to every woman, glorifying their traits of personality with a unique touch of class.

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